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When we have people over, we play Sonos in several rooms but not all. But every time I have to walk around and set the volume levels for each room. Through your app please make it so I can save and label different group and volume combinations. so that I am one click away from starting an event. Maybe this favorite is simply another labeled room with the ability to have default volume level. And one social event will require different grouped rooms and volumes than the other. So lets recap. (1) The ability to create permanent groupings of rooms. (2) The ability to set the starting volume levels for rooms and these configured groups of rooms. (3) and the ability to set the max volume of rooms and groups of rooms, I read this in another thread and someone with kids knows what I am talking about.

Maybe this is not the forum to get support for this issue I am not sure the percentage of Sonos owners who actually use this forum, this is my first post and I am sure this is not the only time these type of settings were requested, maybe another social platform will garner better support for this very simple software update to handle this. Chime in and let me know if there is an elegant solution for this or if this is something you would like to see in the Sonos App.

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Hi, agallegos. Welcome to the community. This is a request I have seen before. The necessary team is already aware, though I cannot comment on whether this will be implemented at any stage. Rest assured, I have added your name to the list and should anything be introduced, we will be sure to let our customers know. Please feel free to contact us with any further questions. Many thanks.
I second this motion. I was just searching if this was an option. Seems like an easy option to create. Rooms dn volume setting saving option. Please do!!!
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I third this motion! Having 20 speakers, I have lots of combinations. But in general several of them are always played together (95% of the time) Basically they are virtual rooms. A pair of Connect Amps for outdoor speakers for example. They would be "Patio" if I could virtually group them. Now that doesn't mean I play them alone, often I will group them with my kitchen Play 3 and living room Play 5 (which are played together 95% of the time also. So having them as a virtual group "Living Rm" would allow me to look like I have two sets of speakers not four. Basically these groups are virtual rooms. Also my Connect Amps have different volume settings that the Plays so being able to view the two Connect Amps as one means I only have to set them once together if set as a virtual room.
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Hi there, any follow-up on this update? I always have to re-adjust the volume every once in awhile because they get messed up. could find a way to fix the volume combination ?


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I would also like to be able to create saved or favorite room groupings.

Yes please. This is such a fundamentally annoying gap in functionality. Continues to annoy me every day.


I have 3 “rooms” that I frequently play together, and depending on what I’m doing, use different volume mixes. I’d like to be able to have the 3 room grouping favorited, and to also have a couple of favorited volume mixes for the grouping.

I too would like to be able to save preset volume levels with room groupings.

+1 Puuulleeeeeeeaaaassssse make this happen SONOS… :pray_tone2: