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  • 8 June 2020
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All updated to S2 and I have a problem with the iPad app - see screenshots below. The iPhone app looks fine and seems to work well. However, the album art on the iPad app is much smaller than it used to be, presumably because it sticks to the same screen ratio as the iPhone’s desktop. This might seem picky of me, but the iPad sits next to my Port-fed HiFi system, its primary function being to display the album art of the current track. Previously big and beautiful, now small... It can’t be beyond the wit of Sonos to make the iPad album art at least as wide as the screen. Better still, introduce an option where tapping the album art maxes it out and hides the controls - revealed by tapping it again.

Come on Sonos, you’ve made the S2 app’s icon the colour of steatorrhoea (look it up), but I’ve already forgiven that; now do something that improves things!

iPad Screenshot
iPhone Screenshot



6 replies

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Nobody else is annoyed by this?

Can't say I even noticed.   It's a difference, but not that big a difference.

Nobody else is annoyed by this?

Nope, but I see the app background changes colour to match the album art too. I’m using the iPad Pro and I quite like the new features... but I don’t use the App for Album Art display, I use Apple TV and the Tunesmap App instead, but even that’s only very occasionally TBH.

You are never going to be able to please everyone, when such changes take place.


I’ll +1 you on this @Flattliner Definitely think the app could present the cover art in a multitude of ways - had hoped S2 would do that or at least give the options to choose like the native Tidal app does. You don’t notice it so much on iPhone but on iPad that is a lot (2/3s) of screen real estate not being leveraged. (Unless you use the queue feature...)


Personally too, I use iPads around the house as control centres, so, in my case at least, the album art, literally, is art on the wall. Looks awesome. A bit like Samsung’s The Frame TV. Particularly as I tend just to leave Radio Paradise’s main mix going so it’s always evolving. Here’s Tidal iPad app example


I also miss the larger album art on the iPad with S2.  I really would like it back.  This not only  happens with the streaming services but also on my local media library. I took great time curating that and like to see the large album art


So my opinion they should be fixed.  Or at least give us an option to get the larger album art back

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Try a third party app - SonoPad or mine (see profile). Both display art larger than the Sonos app.