S2 Background Colour for Album Art in Music Library

  • 11 August 2020
  • 2 replies

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Anyway to turn off the annoying Chameleon like changes to the background colours when displaying the Album covers in my music library?

2 replies

No, currently there is no way to switch off that feature. I personally like it, but it’s each to their own, I guess.

There’s just no way to please everyone with every aspect of a GUI.


There are some other areas of the Sonos App (and a good many other Apps too) that I don’t like, but mostly I learn to compromise with what’s on offer ...and ‘live and let live‘.  

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So the rest of us have to put up with Sonos software engineers gimmickry then!  Seems easy to provide us with a choice, so why not fix it and please everybody. This feature appears to have been added to flesh out an otherwise little changed interface.