S1 and S2 on the same network

I have a Sonos system in which all components are on the one network. There are twelve Sonos units (Beam, Connect:Amps and Ones), and two of the Connect:Amps are legacy gen 1s. 


I would like to make one floor of my house S1 including the old gen 1 Connect:Amps, and one floor S2 with the remaining units.


Can I have two Sonos systems - one S1 and one S2 - all on the same network? If so, are there any specific concerns, or ways that I need to set this up to make it work well?


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Yes you can have both S1 and S2 on the same network.  Each device will only work on one of those and they cannot be in both.  You plan looks good.

Thank you for the quick reply - appreciated :-)

I’d like to have two of the S2-capable devices on the S1 system (to allow me to airplay to all speakers on the S1 system).

Is there a way to specify/make these S2-capable Sonos units join the S1 system?

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see this for the best answer :-)