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  • 29 December 2017
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Hi Sonos,

I’m a longtime user and am satisfied with your ecosystem. One major request to your software app (both computer and device):

Can you enable the selection of the computer/device speaker to be a ‘room’?

A scenario... I’m streaming Spotify thru my computer and want to then patch this to all of my Sonos speakers in my house.... currently I can’t do this. I’d like to simply use the Sonos app on my computer to connect to the stream and when I hit play, give me the option for my Sonos speakers AND my connected computer speakers.

Another scenario: listening with my headphones on my phone; yes I could use a number of different Apps but your Sonos app connects me in one unified place to all of my streaming services and favourites. It would be great to be able to select iPhone headphones as a ‘room’ and then when I want to take off my headphones, I can simply add a Sonos speaker and without interruption, the music will continue.

For your 2018 consideration.

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1 reply

This is a request that goes back to 2005. It will probably never be implemented. Simply put, if Sonos were to enable playback on a $40 Raspberry Pi computer, they aren't going to sell any $200+ Sonos speakers. The last competitor that allowed something like this was Squeezebox, and they are dead, except for the enthusiasts who keep it running via (you guessed it!) $40 Raspberry Pi computers.