Replacing a Bridge with a Boost

  • 4 January 2020
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I cannot find any option in my PC Sonos software to Add a Bridge or Boost.  It is not under Manage or Settings.  The Operating System on my Samsung Tablet is apparently no longer supported, so I cannot us that to achieve this switch.  Can anyone help me, please?


Best answer by John B 4 January 2020, 20:49

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10 replies

Hi.  I am not sure I can help, but you can only carry out system admin functions like this on a fully supported mobile app.  The desktop controller can be used only for day-to-day music control.  You could borrow a friend and his/her mobile for 10 minutes to do this.

Thanks John - although that’s not really what I wanted to hear!  If I were to do that, presumably I would need to download the Sonos app onto their mobile and then relate it to my system before I can carry out the replacement.

Yes that is correct.  You would have to connect the friend's phone to your home wifi network, download the app and connect to existing system. 

Thanks, John.

Thanks again.  That’s the article that directs me to the menu item I haven’t got on my PC.  Are you perhaps suggesting that one of the other routes would work for me without needing that menu option?

I was just trying to ensure you did things in the right order. People have been known to make a mess of replacing a Bridge with a Boost. 

The descriptions in the article relate only to a fully supported mobile app 

Thank you, much appreciated.  If it’s possible to make a mess of it, I’m a very likely candidate, so any help is valuable!

Many thanks.  Borrowed an Android Phone with the latest version on it and successfully installed my Boost.  Very grateful for your help.