Replace Queue / Add to End of Queue

  • 18 November 2018
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Hi. I am begging/pleading/imploring you to please please please create a "Are you sure you want to replace the queue" box!!! It doesn't take much to mis-click that when intending to select 'Add to End of Queue' just above, and thereby wipe out an hour of work creating a playlist. 😞 😠 PLEASE!!!! It can't be that difficult!! Send me the code and I'll do it myself, lol!

(And please don't suggest saving the queue until you create more space in which to save them...)



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2 replies

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Yea it sucks! No sign of them changing their stance. It is supposed to flag you if you have edited queue though.
This is so annoying and easy to change. Just moving the add and replace queue options further apart would be a step forwards.