Removing A Speaker From “Your Products”

A speaker I no longer own is still listed under “Your Products,” how can I remove it?

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Hi, TheDutchDream. Welcome to the community. There's no need to remove it from your account, this is more an administrative procedure for us to track device ownership for purposes of warranty etc. We are unable to remove it for this reason. Please let us know if you have any further questions.
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Presumably, when the new owner of the speaker adds it to their account, it will disappear from the original account?
I would think so. Never felt the need to get rid of one of mine, yet. :)
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Airgetlam wrote:

I would think so. Never felt the need to get rid of one of mine, yet. :)

My curiosity is for kind of the inverse reason: all three of my CONNECTs came from eBay, and now appear under my account, so I ass-ume they've disappeared from whatever accounts they were previously associated with.
Good point. I just picked up a used PLAY:5 gen 1 myself, I'm assuming the same.
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Yes, when a Sonos device is registered to a new account, it will remove from yours. I loaned my parents my Sonos Connect so they could hook a new turntable up to their Sonos system. Since it was added to their system, it no longer appears on my account.

This is why it's important to make sure you reset your Sonos devices when you sell them, so the new owner will be forced to register it with their own account if it's their first Sonos speaker. If they already have an account, then they'll need to register it with their account when they add it to their existing system.


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