• 2 February 2017
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Why is Sonos now forcing users to sign into their account when added a new device? This should not be the case... I help Non technical older folks install there devices...some of which never use email... and for other for some folks this is a privacy issue... This should be optional for customers...

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2 replies

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John I hope this isn't the case! I drove an hour the other day to a clients home to fix a few Sonos issues, and tried to replace a wire Play:3 with a Bridge; and Sonos wanted a email & password. Customer had left me there and gone off to do errands. I did accomplish a reset Password via texting her, but it was a minor aggravation. I believe when they changed routers the customer setup a new account, not knowing the best procedure......... In your case I can't think why you'd need to sign into anything.
As of the Spotify Direct Control release, Sonos required the user to update their registration as a security precaution. This was a one-time occurance coinciding with the ability to control Sonos via third party apps. Once done, you shouldn't have to do it again.

See this link for details: