'Recently Played' on My Sonos not working

  • 12 September 2019
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This has ALWAYS worked. in the last few days (since this weekend) this section just shows LOADING

I have left the app open at My Sonos for up to 10 -15 minutes and it never shows the most recently played stations or shows.

I rely on this and have used it for years

Please escalate to get it fixed

Yes, I have deleted the app and reinstalled at least three times over several days and no change


3 replies

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"Recently Added" - sounds like a music service specific list, I don't recall seeing that in the actual Sonos UI anywhere. Which music service is this?
Could that be "Recently Played"? You need to be signed in on the controller app for this to work.
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Yes... before my morning latte.

Recently Played - I have also replied to the UPDATE announcement as this has happened since the update this week

i wish we could edit after posting. sigh