Recently Played (Android app) - Keeps re-appearing after hiding it

  • 11 February 2021
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Anyone know why, after I hide the “Recently Played” section in my app it will reappear a few days later? (Likewise, sometimes the My Sonos items get re-arranged). You’d think these settings would be stored to remain consistent and to be re-applied after any major app updated.


Anyone else see this?

Any ideas?

4 replies

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Hi @PaulZak 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

If you clear the entries in Recently Played, the section reappears because new items are being added through the action of playing. If you’d like to permanently remove the section, please tap Settings » Data & Privacy » Use Personalization Services » Turn Off. This will prevent Sonos from gathering the information and displaying it in the My Sonos section of the app. 



Corry @ Sonos, 

Thanks for the prompt reply.

Two things:

  1. I never clear the entries manually, so if that’s a factor they must be getting cleared by something like your software updates. I am clicking the HIDE link to remove it. But per my original post, it keeps coming back days or weeks later.
  2. I checked on one of my devices (phone) and my “User Personalization Services” is already disabled. So that isn’t a solution for me. (I did enable and quickly re-disable it, just in case that makes it work. Time will tell.)

So neither the cause or solution you listed apply in my case.

Any other ideas???


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Hi @PaulZak 

Thanks for getting back in touch.

I’m sorry to hear that didn’t help. I recommend, therefore, that you get in touch with our technical support team directly so they can examine system diagnostics and your account. 

OK, thanks.