'Recently Added' Category in Music Library

  • 25 October 2013
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A Sonos user would like to see a 'Recently Added' category from the Local Music Library music source. What do you think about it?

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7 replies

Like the "never play again", it would be great to manage correctly a libray under Sonos Cotnroller. At the moment, it's a pity, the controller is one of the worst player I can find on the market. SONOS Hardware rules ! But it's not (yet) the case of the software counter part...
I for one would TOTALLY endorse a 'Recently Added' category!  It would make it so much easier to find the new music you have added.  Please make it so!
Please, add this future!
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This would be amazing! Sometimes even with playlists it can get a little hard to manage or find things. If I just add a ton of music from various artists in different genres then having a "Recently Added" feature would greatly help as I could just look through there and have all those fresh new tunes ready to play, can then instantly create a playlist for the future and that would all be without searching for all of those individual songs or artists!
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+1 for this... it's almost comical it doesn't have it!
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Pretty sure anyone who still buys music would like such a feature built-in to Sonos, rather than having to resort to workarounds and hacks and external lists. But there are reasons (limited memory / tag info) while this would be difficult, even if Sonos were willing to spend the development time on it.

For more info, see other threads on this topic, like this one: https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/recently-added-music-list-4416853
Bluesound has a bunch of filters you can apply when browsing by Album, one of which is “Recent”.