Recent app update seriously detracts - rollback please@

  • 29 October 2017
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I agree with many other customers here about the big step backward the recent app version loads on us. Poor navigation, glaring bright screen... under some lighting conditions it overpowers the menu bar at the bottom... the menu bar at the bottom is itself very stupid. And why break up all the sources on to 2 screens? Why make searching so problematic? Sonos used to be a pleasure to pick and operate, now it just feels like a kludge and not intuitive. User workflow and simple use cases should be essential aspects to s/w development. Why couldn't Sonos just improve/streamline/add some of the user-suggested features that have been made. To me, Sonos has moved away from being my best music playing buddy with a great and simple vision to just another mindless company out to 'serve me better'. This last update now prevents me from recommending Sonos to anyone else. Please roll it back and fix.

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