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Hi everyone,

I have some old Play:1’s and a Sonos Connect from five years ago in addition to the more modern Sonos:1’s in my system.

When I do the compatibility check in the Sonos S1 app on my iPhone, it sys I'm ready for S2, but I recall that Sonos Connect wasn't going to be compatible. 


So my question is, how can I be truly sure that my system is ready for S2 before I attempt to update and risk bricking a device or orphaning components that can't be part of rooms with other components anymore, etc.?


Also, does Alexa integration continue to work with S2?


I'm in no rush to update as everything works beautifully for my family as-is, so I'm hesitant to update if there are any risks to our system or work flows. 





Best answer by FuriousD 2 July 2020, 13:01

Sonos Connect 2nd Gen are compatible.  I have done my Play:1 and Connect, my connect was a 1601 date though.  

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Sonos Connect 2nd Gen are compatible.  I have done my Play:1 and Connect, my connect was a 1601 date though.  

It should tell you in your online account, under the system tab, if your Connect requires S1.  If it says nothing it should be good for S2. 

Other clues are that a play/pause symbol on the button usually indicates gen 2 therefore S2 compatible (possibly always, but we haven’t been able to totally tie that down).  Gen 1’s usually (possibly always) have a mute symbol.

On the base of the unit, a 4-digit code before the serial number represents a date.  Eg 1511 means November 2015.  There is evidence from other threads that 1502 onwards are gen 2, but this is not proven.

Thanks FuriousD and John B!

My Connect has a play/pause button and the date is 1507.

Between those two data points and the compatibility checker claiming my system is S2 compatible, I feel better about it.

I read a thread last night about Alexa integration breaking for someone who updated to S2 and requiring a whole bunch of setup to get working again. I may wait on the update until I have more time to troubleshoot but it's good to know I _can_ update and not orphan any components.

Thank you!