Re-purpose playbar to a rear speaker?

  • 4 January 2022
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I have a playbar and was thinking of upgrading to the Arc. That got me thinking about what I should do with the Playbar. I could trade it in or sell it but wouldn’t it be good if SONOS was able to provide a software update to enable it as a rear speaker? I already have 2 surround play 1’s but because of the set up in my room I’m not able to get them behind me. If I could mount the playbar on the wall behind me I would have real surround sound. 
I guess if I had this option I may upgrade sooner or maybe this is already an option that I’ve missed?  

3 replies

Hi.  You haven’t missed anything.

As a best guess, I wouldn’t hang around waiting for such an update.

Not exactly sure what you meant by trading in the playbar, but you can 15% upgrade credit for your playbar without having to dispose of the speaker.  Look at the details on the site for ….more details.  So you could get 15% off an Arc, then use the playbar in a different room, give it away to a friend, or sell it out ebay or something.

Regarding your play:1s, you could look at mounting them on the wall, the same way you were going to mount the playbar.  Don’t know your specific layout, or if you could hide the power cords in a way you like, but you likely can do it if you can do it for the playbar.

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A soundbar is a FL-Center-FR. If you’d repurpose it to be both the surround speaker, you’d need different characteristics for the speaker (a wider soundstage probably). And, maybe more importantly, if Sonos would invest in such a repurposing, they’d sell less “real” surrounds. I can not see them doing this…..