Rating Apple Music via Sonos app

  • 18 June 2016
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Hi, I purchased two Play:1 and one Play:5 speakers recently and I’m thrilled with its ease of use, sound quality and the comfort to control the music from any place of my home. And as I’m used to play music from iTunes (on Mac) or Music (on an iPhone) the first thing I’m missing in Sonos app is the ability to rate music (from Apple Music service). Now, when I listen Apple Music on Sonos speakers and control it comfortably from Sonos app (all that’s great) I’m in fact blocked away from the ability to rate the music and to grow my music experience. I need to tell Apple Music what tracks and albums I like to let them suggest me more like that. Please work with Apple to bring such an essential feature into Sonos app. Bring rating feature to Sonos app. Others, agree?

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6 replies

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It's Apple's music service. You really need to talk to them.
It's Apple's music service. You really need to talk to them.

OK Stuart. I have posted my request for the feature to Apple feedback page right now.
I am an Apple user, have several iMacs, MacBook, multiple iPads and iPhones.... use Apple Music too and I've been able to save Apple playlists on Sonos as part of a BETA program a few years ago. You can listen to an album on Apple Music and:$ create a playlist yourself in Sonos!
Hi BonnieBF, the missing feature I talked about was ability to rate music tracks directly from within Sonos.
Hi Ivan. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
Allright, you did your best. Thanks.