Ran 8.2 update, now nothing works!

I ran the 8.2 update this morning. When I tried to open the app, I basically had to reenter all my information as if I was a brand new customer. Then the app told me I needed to add a player, but the process of adding the two Play 1 systems will not work. The directions instructed me to wait for a green flashing light, which never comes on, it is always solid white. When I click on that option, it says that the system is waiting and to continue, when I try to continue, I get a red flashing light. There is never a "chime" and I am not able to "add" the player. Any suggestions?

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You completely messed up somethjng. It should have asked you new system or connect to existing and sounds like you clicked new system.
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What happens now when you restart app and pick existing system. What happens if you plug one unit into router.
Actually, I did select existing system. But it still made me go back through and "add a player" to begin listening to music. When I try to add the player, it has me running around in circles and won't add either one of my "play One" players.
I've also deleted and restarted the app, restarted my "bridge", restarted my wireless router.
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Are any adding. Could it be issue with bridge. Try unhooking bridge and use one of your play:1s as bridge and hook to router.
So the only way I can get either of my play one systems to work is if I have one of them plugged directly into the router. If I plug the bridge into the router, I am forced to go back and add players to the system, which again, I am unable to do.
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If it works with the Player hard wired to the router then we can then place our attention on the bridge and how to get it working again.

Is everything working with one of your speakers hooked to router?


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