Queue needed in Sonos?

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Now that Sonos is opening up for other clients than the Controller Software (like Spotify connect) I see a need for a queue system that is more like a printer queue. Especially in environments with many users.

- In a printer queue everbody get their job done but everybody has to wait for their turn.
- If a user is annoyed by someone queuing too many jobs then they can either talk to the person who can then remove some of the jobs or if that doesn't help talk to a superuser who has rights and can remove any job.

This would remove a lot of "party problems" and "children problems" I can see posted here and there related to Sonos moving to become more like an ordinary open wireless speaker system.

I don't know how Airplay works but on a Bluetooth speaker I can not "steal" a speaker in use by someone else,which makes sense. The way Sonos works with things like Spotify Connect feels very primitive and oldfashioned. Anarchy seldom works in a multiuser context. That's why printer queues have worked the way they do sucessfully for decades.

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Hi, T-S. Thanks for the suggestion, I can see where you're coming from. However, the third-party developers for these respective services ultimately control how their applications push music to another device. For instance, if you were to use Spotify Connect to play to your Smart TV, anyone could "jump in", much in the same way they do on your Sonos system. What are your thoughts?

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