Problems with Sonos app recognising a new system.

Hi I am a pensioner and a complete novice. I have purchased a Play 3 and am trying to set it up using my IPad. When I download the Sonos controller app it comes from iCloud and will not allow me to set up a new system. The only option on the app relates to an existing system which I do not have only my new Play 3. I am wondering if the problem is because my daughter originally set up Sonos and used it to play her Play 1 when we were with her for Christmas. I have tried deleting the app in Icloud and reinstalling it but the problem continues. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

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From the iOS guide (page 6)

Hi Stuart. Many thanks for your quick reply. On the Sonos app it only has the initial screen with connect to an existing device. I cannot see settings on this initial page to do what you say? Any ideas?
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What happens if you try to connect to the existing system in the app?
Not tried that before. However, when I did I get a flashing orange which then turns solid orange on the Play 3 and then the app says product not connected perhaps not close enough to router. Seems strange because the Ipad and the iPhone work very well in the same location with the wi fi. Tried it again as app suggested with same result. Do not really understand what is going on I must admit. Surely the app should give the two options and then have a settings option as well. Thanks again.
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So you need to take a step backwards.

Unplug the Play 3
Then fire up the Sonos app (Do you have a PC or MAC you could try instead?)
Hopefully you will then have an option to set up a new system

If not and you have no Sonos units on your network I'm not sure what else to advise apart from calling Sonos
Ok Stuart I will try that and if no success I will contact Sonos tomorrow. Much thanks for your help and suggestions
This may be wildly off track but i am finding it hard to understand how the app could not give you a setup new system option. Also you said you downloaded from iCloud. Did you mean the app store? I am just wondering if this is the official Sonos app or a third party one. Is it described as "Sonos Controller for iPad"? Probebly a red herring...
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No it's a fair point. If you paid for an app it's not the Sonos official app
And a further thought - do you know what version of iOS your iPad is running?
Hi John. IOS Version 7.1.2. I downloaded the app from the Store but it arrived via Icloud. It was called Sonos Controller Sonos inc. It was free and downloaded without a problem - until I came to try and use it!! All it says is connect to an existing system.
Then that is the reason. You need iOS 8 or higher for system setup.
Or download the app on a different device, if you can't update the iOS software. Do you have a PC/Mac/iPhone/Android device?

You may want to look at this page, which lists all of the supported (and partially supported) OS options:

Once you've got it set up, you'd be able to use that current device to control the system without any issue.