Problems using Sonos S2 Controller when it finds Sonos S1

  • 2 August 2020
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I just went through a laborious several hours of setting up a separate S1 system of 3 legacy Play: 5 (gen 1) and 1 Connect.  I had to set all 4 devices to factory since I couldn’t upgrade S1 to get the Removal tool.  The I set up the new S1 network under my wife’s email since it wouldn’t allow me to use my existing email which was in use with S2.  Everytime I open the S2 Controller app it tries to link to the S1 devices and asks me to remove these in order to use S2.  How do I get S2 controller to link to a system that is under a different email account

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4 replies

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Hi @michlk, thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community.

I would like to take a look at the system, please take a diagnostic from the Sonos app and reply with the diagnostic.

Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

This should tell us what is keeping you from connecting to S2.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

3 months later, exact same problem.
This S1 / S2 thing is a pure user nightmare.

The only way to get all those working properly seem to toss away my play:5 gen1… or to force upgrade it to a new Sonos products… Until S3 is out on the market and forces us to throw away everything all over again.

Cannot control my in-ceiling / connect:amp with S2 as long as there is my play:5 in the network, the app is tossing me away to S1… And the connect:amp is not compatible with S1. So I have to just throw away the play:5 or the connect:amp or just use line-in… So much for connected speakers.

To top it, no way to buy a play 5 updated controller card to avoid trashing it, even if the sound is still very good.

Tried with 2 different accounts, same problem. I could setup this once and then it broke again.

Terrible, terrible user experience. Back years in the past. Close to 2K of investment wasted.



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This is a solvable problem. I have two S1 and one S2 system on the same network.

So, lets clean some things up:

  • Uninstall both S1 and S2 apps from your device
  • Power down all the S2 devices
  • Install the S1 app, and “find existing system” to find the S1 players. Verify all good.
  • Power down the S1 devices
  • install the S2 app, and “find existing system” to find the S2 players. Verify all good.
  • Power up the S1 devices.

Do NOT factory reset anything.

For a better experience of a split system, look into using a third party app that can handle both at once instead of juggling two different apps.


Thanks for the tip. If I can’t resell my Sonos a decent price, I’ll give it a try.

But 2 apps, 2 systems, complex reset procedure to work around the hassles of the system...

Honestly, this kills most of the benefit of having Sonos in the 1st place.
And if it is about having a less convenient system, I’ll get one with higher sound quality then.