What, no "Preferences" listing under Manage? All I use Sono for is to play music from my hard drive. To get there, I have to click Music Library, then Folders, then the folder name. Next, I have to click on the rooms icon, followed by clicking on a room icon, then Party Mode, then Done. Why all the hassle? There should be a Preferences listing under Manage to avoid all this hassle.

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Once you set the rooms, they stay set. They are easy enough to select/unselect in both the smart device and the desktop controllers. If your music collection is tagged properly, you simply have to click Music/Artists (or Albums) and make your choice from there. Simple.
Complication: Tried selecting using the sonos app on my smart phone, but the app says, "You need to turn on your Wi-Fi to use Sono." Underneath that, it says, "Enabling Wi-Fi". Strange, my Wi-Fi is already turned on. The app will not let me advance beyond this.
Kill the app and reboot your phone. Verify the WIFI is enabled and that you're connected to your WIFI network that Sonos is on. Restart the Sonos app.
Already did all that. Didn't help.
Remove the Sonos app from your phone and reinstall it. That sometimes helps.
Did that, too. Problem remains.

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