Poor S2 application

  • 12 January 2022
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Is there ever going to be decent Sonos applications on macOS and iOS ?

Take a search - i put in the the name of an artist, click the artist then it just shows me a long list of random crap. Why cannot it be show as separate areas for Songs, albums etc as the search for any other streaming service does ?

Getting to a specific playlist in Apple Music takes 4 clicks of the mouse !

There is no view to show the bitrate that the stream is playing at.

I love the sound from my Sonos Amp, but wondering if it’s time to start moving onto something else.

Anyone know of any alternatives ?


5 replies

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On the S2 iOS app, you can specifically search by artist, song, album, playlist, station, genre, podcast & show, and episode.


Being able to see the current bitrate would be a nice feature though.

I tried that i,e, put in artist and then chose albums - results seemed hit and miss

Blame the service. They implement the search, on their own back-end servers. Sonos simply displays what it’s been given. 

Yeah probably true i’d imagine.

Tried Airplay twice today and took out the network stack of my mac and needed a forced reboot.

S2 app work any better with Tidal, Qobuz ?

Though perhaps they could source their own metadata and then query the service ? 

Roon seems to manage it.

If it helps anyone i’m now using https://apps.apple.com/us/app/soro-for-sonos/id1550457805

Allows me to use a better UI such as Marvis Pro and the initiate playback on the Sonos via shortcut.

Roon shows what could be possible but sadly no Apple Music access.