Playlist management suggestions

  • 28 January 2018
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Provide a means to better manage user generated playlists. Functions such as sorting, duplicate finding, copying and merging user created playlists would be of real value. Maybe even provide a way to do this organization and editing without having to have a playlist in use. Just combining two playlists and identifying duplicates would be very helpful when assembling and updating a list of favorite songs for a particular listener, event, artist or genre.

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6 replies

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An offline editor would be nice where they can be saved and adjusted. An indicator as to music service source would be nice.
Managing duplicates would be a huge help! (Or at least a way to sort to manually manage duplicates.) I often grab playlists from different music sources (Amazon, Spotify, etc). And sometimes the same song is in each playlist, but because it just adds it to the cue, there is no way to easily see and remove duplicate songs. I'm speaking of the Mac Desktop App specifically. #featurereqeust
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I came here to post this exact suggestion only to find it is already there.
I love playlists but horrible to manage.
Modifying playlists should be as easy as organizing, sorting, editing your favorites in IE (internet explorer). Sonos should create a backup or mirror file of the playlist if playlist can't be edited directly then all the sorting and editing takes place in the backup or mirrored file; however, the playlist shown in Sonos would always reflect the latest content in the backup or mirrored file.
For Sonos not have discovered this, provided this in over a 5 years span is shameful.
PLEASE add a feature telling me if l’ve got a duplicate song on a playlist.