Playing music from the Sonos app.

  • 20 October 2020
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An issue started recently, where I am unable to start music in my bedroom from the Sonos app, until I move to the living area where the phone is near the speaker which is wired.  I have an Orbi mesh system, and have solid coverage throughout the house, and have one speaker wired so I am using the SonosNet network.  

One interesting thing I am seeing in my bedroom, is that the stereo pair of One’s I have are each on a different frequency (2.4 and 5g).  I am not sure this has anything to do with the issue I am having, but just noticed.

I am looking for help as to how I can start music from any room I am in, without having to move back to the main living area to start.

2 replies

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The distance from your phone to a Sonos speaker is not relevant, they do not communicate directly. The phone communicates with your WiFi router, and your speaker goes over Ethernet to the same router (I assume).

Sounds like you need better WiFi coverage in your bedroom, get a better router or an additional AP.

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In checking the speed in my bedroom, I am receiving 230Mbps, which should be plenty to run our wireless products.  We usually see between 225-235 in every room of our house.