Playing Large Library in Random

  • 9 January 2019
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I really appreciate what the SONOS technology can do for me. Although, there is one thing that really gets to me. I have a very large iTunes library and when I try to play songs in random or play all, I get the error 1002. Can SONOS controls at least have the option to choose items (songs) randomly from said library and put in the queue for me? As of now there are two options; 1.Play All and 2.Shuffle All, which are useless due to the fact I get and error 1002 every time I choose either one. A third option, that would be gratifying, is have SONOS choose 100 items randomly from said library to fill the queue and then play it. The best solution, I feel, is to have the Play All and Shuffle All to actually work, but the suggested third option would satisfy.

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2 replies

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Hi, Michaelliot. Thanks for the suggestions, we will be sure to pass them along for you. As you are aware, this is not currently possible. Let us know if you have any further questions.
I know the third option I suggested isn't possible, because it isn't even an option. Although, the "Play All" and "Shuffle All" are an option, they do not seem to work either. Also, as far as passing on my suggestion, yea right, I have been suggesting it for years. It seems no one cares to fix the problem or come up with a solution. I guess I shouldn't care either, but I do. I paid a lot of money for these products. Being that I paid so much for these products, I feel they should be more user friendly. On the other hand, you know what opinions are like. I will deal. Thanks for responding though. Have a great day.