"Play to the following" / "Confirm location before playback" issues

  • 10 May 2018
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On mobile controller apps, there's now a feature where, when you select stuff to play, you get a "Play to the following" prompt that asks you which zones you want the selection to play in. Useful if you're playing different songs in different rooms, really annoying if you tend to just use Sonos to play throughout the house. Thankfully, there's a setting - "Settings -> Advanced Settings -> Confirm location before playback" - that lets you toggle this behaviour on or off.

So far, so good. I leave this setting off. And I just got hit with the popup, because the setting had turned itself on. Not for the first time (after the last two updates, I found the setting turning itself on if I left my Sonos almost a day without use, because "work"). This only seems to be an issue on iPad, not iPhone, and even deleting and re-installing the app hasn't fixed things. It's an annoyance, but it also makes me wonder what other settings could be resetting themselves.

Is anyone else having issues with their Sonos system suddenly deciding to change their settings?

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