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Has. By one else noticed their phones battery draining after the latest App upgrade. Sonos has jumped to the top of my list showing app and battery usage.

My phone has suffered significantly since the last upgrade and I’m having to quite the app as soon as I have interacted with the system in order to maintain battery for the day.

Before this upgrade I never had any battery issues

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Sometimes I have seen it an issue with iphones and the lock screen control. Try turning off lock screen control under the iPhone settings...Sonos.

There was another thread where I had heard the latest ios update seems to have some lock screen incompatibilities introduced.
Thank you. I will try what you suggest
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Let us know how it goes - if that is what is doing it.
i've definitely noticed this too on an iphone x running the latest ios ipdate - iphone battery running down well beyond normal levels with sonos top of the list of battery-draining apps.

have tried turning off lock screen control now and will report back although it seems fairly clear that a problem has been introduced as part of the recent updates.
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I think it’s something to do with chg in lock screen controls with new iOS.
Definitely something going on with Sonos iPhone app and battery drainage. Used Sonos a lot this weekend on the road and it plummeted my battery from full to less than 20% in about 14 hours. Most days I don't get below 80% without using Sonos and making a bunch of calls, texts and email.
To add to my post above (which I can't edit for some reason) while I do have the lock screen piece enabled, it may or may not show up on the lock screen. Most often it isn't there. On Saturday I traveled away from the RV for about five hours. The lock screen wasn't visible, and I didn't force close Sonos before I left after I shut it off so it was still running in the background.
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I've had this problem for several months now. Just this morning, I snoozed Sonos alarm with my iPhone 8, and 3 hours later, over 40% of my battery had been used. I try to use iPad for all things Sonos because even though it drains just as badly, the iPad is less critical and has larger battery. I pay heavy battery price every time I use iPhone (both 6 and 😎. It just should not be necessary to force quit an app to stop background drain of the battery.

I know this has been an ongoing issue for some users, and it certainly has been for me.
This problem is horrible and Sonos support won't acknowledge it.
I'm just lucky that I have woken up in time those times my battery has drained.
Don't know how many tickets/twitter DM:s/diagnostic reports I have sent to the support regarding this and they are constantly denying it calling it a non-existing problem.

The hardware is good but the App is a piece of junk to be honest!
try closing all apps in the background as I found it drains the battery.
I have been chasing this problem for several months now and gotten all kinds of suggestions from the support.
The one that seems to have caught the problem is switching from 5Ghz to 2.4GHz Wifi connection on my iOS devices, I'm still testing it out but it might just be the cause of it in my case.

The reasoning behind it being (from the support) that the devices drops the connection to the router and then the Sonos app looses the connection to the sonos system and tries to reconnect. I have never noticed any dropouts in any other apps and the Wifi symbol on the screen of the devices does not cut out regularly (or at all) but after switching to 2.4GHz on a couple of devices the problem seems to be gone on them.

I'm in week 2 of testing this theory and so far it's actually looking promising. Although, I still blame it on crappy Sonos app that should be fixed. No other app behaves like this and drains my battery in the same manner.