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My iPhone app won’t connect. I have sound and everything is working other than the ability to use the app functions

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Any chance you could provide any additional information for us?

What iPhone is it?
What version of iOS are you running?
What version of the Sonos app do you have installed?
Does the controller work on any other device you have?
What iPhone is it? 8
What version of iOS are you running? 12.2
What version of the Sonos app do you have installed? 10.1.2
Does the controller work on any other device you have? No
Great, most helpful.

Do you have the controller installed on any other device? Might be helpful to know if it's a problem with your network or not. Has the controller on your iPhone ever worked?

In any case, I'm going to start with a supposition that your phone isn't actually connected to the same network that the speakers are. They both need to be on the same wifi. Might be worth removing your wifi information from the phone, then rebooting it, and then reinstalling the wifi information. Sometimes, you can just toggle the wifi (put it in Airplane mode, then take it off), but sometimes it's more involved than that.
Oh, and just for safety's sake, do you have one of your Sonos devices (speakers) hard wired to your router with an ethernet cable? If not, can you do so for now, until we can get connectivity, then we can move it back to however you want it.
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Also how is it possible for "everything is working" when it appears that, in fact, nothing is working?
The connection is hardwired, I tested both WiFi connections, my sons app does not recognize the speakers, I rebooted my WiFi, disconnected my phone from the WiFi. Any other ideas

What type of WiFi are you using here? if you have a mesh system, WiFi extenders or repeaters etc; ensure they are ALL operating on the same WiFi channel as the main router, or better still switch them off temporarily and just use the main router only.

Make sure your iPhone 8 mobile and speaker is attached to the same device. If that, fails check the cable to the speaker. Whilst you have your speaker cabled, you may want to reset the Sonos App, or even remove the App and reinstall it and choose to “connect to existing Sonos system” ... do NOT create a new system at this stage under any circumstances.

If that fails, then I would Contact Sonos Customer Care.