PC Music Player Improvements

  • 3 December 2017
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Hello, after buying 2 Play 1 speakers and setting them up as a stereo group in my kitchen I am happy with the sound and online music integration with so many services.

However, I was very disappointed by the local music library player and limitations of music library size. I have over 65K songs in my library. Come to find out that's too many for the system to index. So I am using Plex on my Synology NAS to overcome this which did not work at first. After getting the Plex version right now at least I can see all my music.

My complaint is not having a real music player interface for local library integration. I find the player very clunky trying to navigate. There are no sort options for genres, year, etc. Bummed by this since I wanted to expand to more speakers and really be able to use my home library more.

Why no integration with 3rd party music players? I use MusicBee for my large library and just want to be able to play to the Sonos speakers with this player. Can't the controller for Windows also be a soundcard type setup so I can play using a real music player?

I feel somewhat hogtied here and not sure if I want to invest more into this due to the sever limitation of the local library playing options. I feel you don't really want people to use their music, but more the cloud services.

Are you planning on making any improvements to the player or methods to use another player with the speakers?

Other than this the whole system is pretty nice. Sounds good, so many online services to use. Moving from device to device is cool.

Thank you

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2 replies

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With everything pushing toward online streaming. I personally don’t see Sonos making further refinements to offline music control.
Seems like a big oversight. Now they are not the one stop shop for all users. Why not be that "One"? So close...