PC Keyboard Media Key integration

Is there any way to get Windows to see the Sonos controller app as a media player so the dedicated media keys on many keyboards can be used? The keyboard shortcuts already available are not as convenient as the dedicated Play/Pause, Next Track etc. keys I already have. Also, they only work when the Sonos app has the focus. If I'm reading or playing a game I can't use the keyboard shortcuts. If you could make the Sonos app respond to media keys it would be very convenient.


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They work if you have focus on teh desktop controller, but I wish they would work the way the other media apps do! I just posted about this too. :) https://en.community.sonos.com/controllers-software-228995/keyboard-play-button-only-works-if-desktop-controller-has-focus-6807840
Actually, I always have the main app minimized, and use the album cover popup window to control the Sonos speakers in my office. The media keys don't work on that popup even when it has focus, only the main app.
All the more reason to fix it!


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