Passcode for Sonos System

  • 28 January 2018
  • 1 reply

I know its been asked for, hell i asked for it years ago. Please Sonos, I love my Sonos setup, I love the sound and spotify intergration. However what i dont like is after spending the best part of £2000 on my setup that my kids or there mates can access the sonos just because they have wifi access. Giving them the ability to Delete playlists load inappropriate content and have it set at who knows what volume.

Is it really beyond your development teams capabilities to create a managment section to say limit users access level and volumes within created profiles and prevent unortharised access.:?

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1 reply

While you’re waiting for Sonos to implement this, I’d recommend setting up a separate (guest) network for your children and their mates, and then changing your password on your main network.

Not an ideal solution, but I’m not expecting them to implement this soon.