• 25 January 2020
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It seems after years of asking this still isnt a freature yet many other wireless speaker manufactures have adopted this.

So….if I have a party amd I right in  saying that people have to still a) login to wifi. b) download the app and c) get my username and password?


And after that, they have complete admin rights over the entire playlist??

This isn’t a major headache for Sonos so why haven’t they done it? 

4 replies

They certainly don’t need c), which limits them from changing your setup. 

but you need to log in right?  Or is the only way is for them to have to set up an account?

Not sure what you mean by “set up an account”. 

You’ve already approved for them to have access to your WiFi. They’ve downloaded the controller and installed it, which means they have the ability to play music on your Sonos, using the music streams you have associated with your Sonos. They don’t have access to add their own streaming sources or access their own playlists on streaming sources unless you choose to give them your Sonos account log in. 

Sorry - my bad. I forgot once the app is installed it automatically detects the system and you dont need to log in.