Outdoor Speakers with Sonos Amp

I have a playbar in my living with a Polk sub. I just bought the ConnectAmp. I hooked up my sub and outdoor patio speakers to the connect amp. Everything works great. I have set up a room called Patio and one called Living room. When playing music outside it plays the sub inside. Can you separate the sub to it's own room so I can group it with the living room?

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Not really. The CONNECT: AMP can't separate the sub output from the speaker output.

You could "group" the two rooms so that the sub would be playing (with at least a ~70 ms delay) with the PLAYBAR. But then you'd still be playing TV sounds outside.
That is the way I am doing it now but if I am listening to music outside it is playing on the sub outside. Thanks for the reply.
To be honest, you'd probably be happier getting a Sonos SUB, and bonding it with the PLAYBAR. That would get you TV based bass. Works quite well, and is actually most impressive.
I think you are right Bruce. Know anyone that wants to buy a Polk sub.... Haha


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