OS no longer supported

  • 22 July 2022
  • 3 replies

About a month ago, every time I left the house and returned home, I have to reauthorize my AppleMusic account to access my music and my Sonos playlists.  Looking at the conversations, this is a common issue with a resolution recommendation that seems to not make sense.  Now that ipod OS 12.5 is not supported, I cannot even reauthorize my account.  How can I access my Sonos playlists created from my Apple Music account?  Why not simply support the older OS?

3 replies

Usually after a 12 month period or so, following support being withdrawn by a manufacturer, such as Apple in this instance, devices are no longer supported by Sonos for access to important system settings because of the potential security issues involved, particularly as the manufacturer themselves  have stopped applying security updates to the discontinued device. However Sonos do allow devices to then be partially supported for playback purposes etc; until they can no longer be catered for.

There comes a point where I guess you need to borrow/purchase a ‘fully supported’ device for the Sonos system administration.

Thats what I was afraid of.  Thanks for the reply.


Apple does not make support of older iOS releases or older hardware that cannot use the newer iOS very easy for App developers. Apple will send out a notice that they’ve changed something and, unless the App migrates to the “new improved,” the App will be dropped from the App store. While this policy does encourage the purchase of “new improved” Apple product, it annoys those of us who tend to hold on to a product until gum and tape can no longer hold it together.  I recently had to recycle a perfectly functional older cell phone, not yet requiring any gum or tape, because the cell towers would soon stop processing my calls.