Opening Sonos 2 App finds my Sonos 1 setup and goes to an options screen

  • 21 November 2021
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When I open my Sonos 2 app for my multiple speaker set up in the main floor of my home, it sometimes detects my Sonos 1 set up in the basement and goes to an Options screen. Going to the choices, one can open the Sonos 1 controller,delete, set up, and so on, but then one cannot use the Sonos 2 app or speakers with this dialog open.

So far, to resolve it, I have rebooted the device I have the app installed, and this sometimes “fixes” it.

Also, in the the Sonos 1 controller, I play something on the speakers there, then go back to the Sonos 2 app on the device, it will now open separately and have been able to play the set up speakers on Sonos 2. I then stop the Sonos1 player.


So, the question is, why is Sonos 2 detecting and attempting to set up my Sonos 1 capable speakers which are already on a Sonos 1 system?

Is there any part of the Sonos 2 app that will allow me to shut this feature off?

Also, both systems are on the same WIFI network.

7 replies

Power off your S1 system. 

Reset your S2 app (in App Preferences).  Then connect to existing S2 system.

Power S1 back on.

I find that the fastest way to work through this is to force close and restart the S2 controller.

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None of those suggestions have worked.

when the S1 dialog box opened when I clicked to open the S2 app, it does have an option “to forget” the system.

I had not clicked it before, since the instruction is vague. Would it forget my S2 system or just the S1?
well, I clicked the forget option, and all seems OK so far.

opening S2 app has not found the S1 system in the basement… so far.

will update after some more time and usage passes.

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I had very similar problems - sometimes it would take multiple attempts to get the S2 software to ignore the S1 system and pick up the S2 system.

I opened a support ticket along with submitting diagnostics, but we didn’t make much progress - in fact the issue was still open weeks / months later when my upgrade components arrived.  At which point my S1 only components were retired as I was taking a lot of grief from the rest of the family about the S2 app not working.  As a result, we were unable to complete the diagnostics and get a resolution.

It seems that the whole “split system” strategy that Sonos came up with really hasn’t been engineered as a working system yet.

If, as @John B stated, you power off every S1 device, the S2 controller would not be ‘confused’ and find the S1 devices. 

This is only an issue when you’re setting up a new controller, each controller will ‘remember’ which system it has been connected to, after the first time, unless you choose to click on the ‘forget system’ button. 

@Airgetlam is absolutely correct. I run an S1 and S2 system in parallel without any confusion or problem. Once a newly installed controller has connected to a system it will always default to that system if it is available.

(This is just one reason why habitually powering off Sonos devices is a bad idea.)

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Bruce is indeed correct. Or you could try a third party controller app that actually understands split S1/S2 systems.