One touch and queue control and general rant!

  • 7 October 2017
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First off I know there have been many things on this but please let me get this first rant out as it will make me feel better and just maybe someone from Sonos may listen or care.

Being able to listen to a random selection of songs chosen depending on how I feel the situation etc used to be an easy experience but now is much more time consuming and frustrating. Myself as a user I very very rarely listen to whole albums and like depending on my mood etc like to listen to random songs out of my many folders I have. The introduction of 'One Touch' infuriated me from the start as I can be happily listening to my songs scrolling through to find some more and then accidentally on a scroll press a bit too hard or with my husbands big fingers misses the 3 dots and hits the song name then the current song stops that one starts and to make things worse it does not add it to the end of the queue but inserts itself randomly in the queue so then after I have to listen to all the same songs I had listened to before but now I have an extra Brucey bonus as when I one click a song now it not only plays that song but adds 'All' the other songs in that folder. Ok rant over

I don't often use Sonos for music now due to me ending up frustrated/annoyed as it may be just 15 mins I want to listen to some songs while getting ready and end up only having heard half of 2 songs most of the time I mainly use it for listening to the radio. Expensive radio player!!

As it appears one touch is here to stay PLEASE can you at least make it work a bit easier for random music lovers like myself. PLEASE when it plays a song can it add it back to the end of the queue like it used to and also PLEASE make the touch area for the 3 dots larger so when I miss or my husband with his big fingers has no chance or at a party and too many G&T's have been consumed it does not keep causing current songs to stop and starting ones you don't want.

BUT PLEASE the main thing if i one touch a song JUST PLAY that song and don't add all the others I can see on the same screen 'Play All' which is what I would choose if I wanted that option. Its crazy as i have an album where I like the 3rd song from the end I select it it plays and I see its added all of them so the few remaining in the album after that song and all the ones before on that album in the queue WHY???? the ones before not only do I not want them but will not be played as Sonos plays the current and then the ones in front not the ones behind it (unless I chose Shuffle) so why!!!

So when you one touch a song or even worse several by mistake and then see whole albums added its infuriating as then I have to clear the whole queue and start again!!! So basically you have the choice to 'Play All' and oh if you one touch a song you can 'Play All' again why not leave the play all to the 'PLAY ALL' button and the one touch of a song to do just that play 'JUST THAT SONG' and add it to the END OF THE QUEUE not in the middle!!
Sorry had to get it out!

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4 replies

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Hello there, Chris_214: Don't be sorry, we appreciate the detailed feedback. We hear you loud and clear. I will be happy to forward this to the team. Thanks.
I completely agree with this and wish Sonos would sort this out or allow us to decide with an option if one touch should be enabled. I am using my Sonos less and less due to this.
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One touch really is the stupidest, totally unnecessary thing in the app. Handing around my phone at the dinner table for people to browse my library ALWAYS, (every single time) results in the current song being interrupted by accident as someone attempts to have a look around. Please drop this "feature" (sic), It adds nothing positive to the mix.
"Wow, what a brilliant system; i love this one touch and will buy a Sonos straight away" said none of my dinner guests, ever.
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I agree with all of the above !