not all speakers compatible with new app

  • 29 June 2020
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My 3 speakers are not compatible with one controller, looking for advice as now can’t play music to all 3 speakers using only one controller. These are my 3 speakers . 



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5 replies

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If you want all your speakers on the same system you should not have upgraded to S2 and just stayed on the old app or use the S1 app, your Play 5 is not compatible with S2 app.


I would call Sonos support to see what your options are and if you can downgrade the rest of your speakers to S2

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@bockersjv  post is good except it should end with “to S1”.

Thanks for your reply’s . I am getting no answer from customer support and no response to e mail . So what’s happening is my play 1 (x2) are now incompatible with S1 controller and my play 5 (x1) is incompatible with S2 controller and when I try to update error 9 shows. My system has updated itself automatically had I known these issues would occur I wouldn’t of allowed update . Any info / help greatly appreciated as I am so so disappointed with Sonos . 

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I think the best thing would be to get the Play1 back to S1, and forget about S2:

Unplug the Play1.

Uninstall the S2 app.

Start the S1 app and verify it is happy with the Play5 and not bugging you about any updates. Assuming it is:

Factory reset the Play 1. (I do not normally recommend this but its the only way to go back).

In the S1 app, add a new device to an existing system and pick the Play1

Play1 should “upgrade” to the S1 firmware and be added to your system.

This should get everything back onto S1, and never, ever install the S2 app so you stay on S1.

Thankyou so much for your time and help . All back to S1 now . 💃🏻