No Sonos notification, no volume controle outside app or at lock screen.

  • 15 September 2020
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I’m recently unable to control my Sonos volume from the start- or lockscreen. Only when inside the app itself.
Sonos isn’t in my notifications anymore either..

Every option needed is enabled inside the app. Battery optimisation for Sonos is turned off.
I tried deleting and re-installing the S2 app, without resolution.
Any idea what I can do to resolve this?

7 replies

Might be helpful to let the community know what sort of device you’re running the controller on. In order to determine what possible solutions are available.

Oh yeah of course.
I’m using a One Plus Nord running Android 10

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Hi @severensm, thank you for reaching out. and thanks for assisting @Airgetlam. About your concern, We are aware that notifications are not working on OnePlus devices as expected when using it in the S2 app, and thanks for letting us know. Our engineering team is working to address the issue and it will be addressed in a future software update. The alternative as of the moment is using a non OnePlus device. Rest assured that we are doing our best to improve your experience with the app and Sonos products. I’ll send you a private message once the issue is fixed.

Keep me in the know with the advice above.

The Sonos community is always here to help. 

Ok, thank you for the response.

Good to know I can stop looking for a solution, and just await the necessary update.


Kind regards

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Hi @severensm, thanks for the update and your understanding about the situation, I’ll keep you posted.

If you have other questions with your Sonos products, feel free to reach out.

The Sonos community is always here to help.


I got the same problem as @severensm. It started today. It all worked fine until a couple of hours ago. I'm on oneplus nord as well. And I have made sure everything is as it should be with the app…

Just so you know ;-)

Thank you 


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Hi @Mats_8, Thank you for reaching out and welcome to the community. I’m glad that it already worked on your end. I’ll have to check this with our team since we don't have any updates yet that the issue has been resolved. @severensm  I’ll have you updated regarding this issue. Thank you. 

The Sonos community is always here to help.