No album art on a Docked Classic iPod with new 8.0 update

  • 5 October 2017
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I use a Classic iPod (not to be confused with iTouch iPod) and have it docked using the Sonos dock. This iPod does not stream or have any internet connectivity but that's irrelevant (I'm just trying to make sure you understand the device I'm speaking of). I use the dock/iPod so that I can play .wav files - which cannot be done on iTouch. Up until this new 8.0 update showed the album artwork with the song playing. So if "Boston-More Than A Feeling" is playing, it shows the artwork embedded in the song. I still see the artwork if I use the iTouch, but since this update I am not seeing album artwork via the docked iPod. I understand technology marches forward but why is EVERYTHING geared towards streaming/cloud and moving away from those of us (are there are many) who own their own music and have to intention or need to "stream" or store their music in the cloud. Hey Sonos - can you not figure out a way to keep the simple metadata on us users who have purchased your products? Come on! If you can keep artist/title/album, why can't you show me the album artwork??? If I am completely wrong and this wasn't working before version 8.0 today (Oct 5, 2017), then I'll stand corrected but I'm quite certain it did before. Thank you.

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1 reply

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bubbascant: Hi there. I would love to take a closer look at a diagnostic report when you are listening to music from the iPod. Please submit a diagnostic and reply with the confirmation number it gives at the end.

Is the iPod you have one with a color display? I ask this because I am curious if the artwork appears on the iPod screen while it is being docked and used in Sonos.

Thanks in advance.