NO ability to access Sonos controller from a deskop Mac on older OS?

  • 5 April 2019
  • 1 reply

Sooooooo frustrated. I run a Mac on an OS older than 10.11. I control Sonos from it and am constantly adjusting music, pausing, etc. throughout my work day. I can NOT upgrade the OS on the Mac without a humongous hassle because of app compatibility for various other apps I run on the Mac. I just accepted the latest Sonos controller update from my iphone because I was prompted and now of course the desktop controller won't work, because I understand that Sonos Software 10.1 requires Mac OS 10.11.

So am I just stuck? Is there absolutely no way to control Sonos from my Mac other than upgrading its OS? Are there any workarounds at all to get me control back. Or am I really stuck either upgrading the Mac OS or using my phone only to control the music?

If I DO have to only use my phone (because I am NOT upgrading my Mac OS), are there any tricks for fast easy access to the Sonos controller on it. For example, if I am listening to music and the iphone actually rings, how can I super-quickly get to the app to stop the music while the phone is still ringing? Impossible? After I pick up the phone how can I get there quickest (because music may be blasting while the caller is trying to talk to me!!)

1 reply

Sane issue for me, would have been nice to be informed that this OS upgrade was required before installing on the android. Is there a way to go back a rev on the phone/tablet?