New updates have made my system unstable.

  • 5 November 2017
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Before the update 8xxxx my system was 100% stable.
Apart from genuinly hating the new UI with a pasion,
my speakers drop off the list and may or may not need a reboot to restart.
A speaker in same room group may just stop working,
Searching for anything to play takes so much longer than before,
Rooms are confused on the list, for example im playing music in lounge and the ui shows it playing in a bedroom,
What have you done guys?
Have you actually read your feedback on google play?
Your customers are not happy, you cant keep blaming us for this mess.
I have invested £1000s in your products and im honestly considering getting rid of the lot as i can no longer enjoy uninteroupted music.

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4 replies

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I am having the same issues, system is unstable and most of the time the controller can not find sonos and then you have :The Missing speakers" and left/right drop outs. What a bummer as I have 13 speakers and my system now is maddening and unless you like trying to unplug each speaker to "Be found" or throw the "main Breaker" on your home, stay away from this product.
Or, you might take the time to set up reserved IP addresses for all of your Sonos devices, and have a stable wifi environment for them to hang off of. Or, if you think that's not the issue, please tell us what your system looks like, how it's set up. There's lots of folks who frequent these boards with the intention to help people get the most out of their Sonos system. You could even submit a system diagnostic, and call in to Sonos to discuss the issues you're having. Repeatedly, people have reported great satisfaction and working systems after talking to Sonos.
For the OP, I'd recommend at the very least that you unplug all of your Sonos devices, and reboot your router. Then plug in one of your Sonos devices, and give it enough time to boot up. Move on and repeat on the next Sonos device. Basically, you're telling Sonos to get new IP addresses from a "fresh" router IP table. But as I said in my last post, setting up reserved IP addresses is a wise move.
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Hello there, everyone. Thanks for posting about this! Just as Airgetlam advised, submitting a diagnostic report and replying with the seven-digit confirmation number will give us a better perspective of what is going on. Additionally, if you'd like to troubleshoot in real time you can also give our support technicians a call and they are able to set up a remote session to get a closer look at the network.