• 2 December 2017
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43 replies

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Much as I don't like the new update it's hard to believe that it makes Sonos unusable. The navigation is a bit cumbersome but once you get used to it, takes a day or two, it is usable but a little frustrating. People seem to be able to get on with iTunes for Windows and i find that the most frustrating bit of software.
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Along with pretty much everyone else I agree the newer app completely SUCKS! The UI does not make logical sense and is so fricking frustrating. Yes, the UI sucks and so does the performance of the system. Sound cutting out in one room or another, songs stop for no reason and advance to next song. Pandora not working for several weeks. Hell, I could install an Apple air play and a iPad mini and multichannel amp to replace my six Sonos connect amps. Yes, all rooms would have to play the same thing but at least it would WORK! Working 99.9% of the time beats working 35% of the time and the fustration level goes to zero.
Ditto! The newer App is harder to use and less intuitive. I am getting so I am afraid to update the app. Now it feels like you have to hit Next about five times before it actually does the update. And the last few updates the App loses all the music services. I think Sonos has too many programmers on staff fixing things that aren't broken...and then breaking other things.
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The newer App is harder to use and less intuitive. I am getting so I am afraid to update the app.
Same here. I'm even reluctant to update the desktop app now - just to avoid being blessed with some undocumented 'improvement' - while I used to be in the beta program.
Even the Windows App has issues now. There are times it will be working fine, music is playing, then it loses the connection to the Sonos speakers. Sometimes rebooting the computer fixes it, sometimes I need to 'Reset the Controller'.
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After weeks of using it.... I can scarcely believe it is STILL confusing. Really, how can it be this bad. Wife still completely hates it and STILL gets me to put the music on. Seriously, I didn't expect it would still feel bad.
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bcorkery - if your having issues with windows controller you need to look at troubleshooting. The app is not the issue.

Peck - yea it is difficult. Hopefully good news in next week or so on changes.
I echo all of the thoughtful and constructive negative reports throughout this string. I'll spare you the details of my 2-month long ordeal (so far) trying to remedy the myriad problems I've had since the Alexa oriented "update". Comically, the latest advice I received was to remove my Sonos Boost subnet from my system to try and solve the problem!! I asked the technician if, in doing so, it solves my problems could I get a refund for the Boost since, clearly, it is their updates that have destroyed the smooth performance of their products. The answer was no because my Boost is out of warranty!!!! I've got nearly $3K invested in Sonos, but if these serious problems are not addressed in a meaningful way soon (starting w some good comms from Sonos about their "crisis" response and timeline), I will cut my losses and move to other product solutions. I was a big promoter of Sonos products, now I'm afraid to use it when we company because it is too unreliable. Good thing I still have my 300 disc player and analogue system!!!!
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It is good advice to remove boost if they are trying to troubleshoot if it is he issue. That doesn’t mean it will not be cleared up and replaced back into your network.
Chris, do you work for Sonos? The tech told me that if the problem goes away after removing Boost, problem solved.... they're done!! Hence my question about a potential refund.
Since removing Boost 2 days ago there seems to be an improvement, but I have had 3 glitches already (a speaker drop, delayed track change, and "now-playing" artist image not matching music playing for about 10 seconds).
Last thought... are we Sonos consumers being naive? Behemoth Amazon is likely purchasing Sonos soon for their exclusive use of its products, patents, and IP to use towards Alexa and a slew of future Amazon related products. Loyal super-users of Sonos are just collateral damage, left in the dust, holding the proverbial "bag" (useless, expensive speakers). I sure hope I'm wrong......
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I don’t know your personal drop out issues. I would assume your using sonosnet with speaker now attached but maybe they had you go WiFi only (I normally don’t see that being better but you could have a tricky environment). I don’t think they ever wash there hands of a case until it gets settled.

I’m not sure there is any evidence of Sonos being purchased by amazon. I mean I guess some big company could come take it over. Certainly not something I worry about with Sonos having such a good market presence.
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It was entirely unintuitive a few years ago when they reformatted it as I iassumw you remember.

All I have been saying is the me to I don’t like the controller posts are of no value. Post what you would like to see in the new controller if you ever want it to be closer to what you want. The old controller is gone. Put it to rest. Look to what you want in future Controller if you ever want Sonos to listen.

Hi Chris,

I'd disagree that the old apps were unintuitive (although using the scroll wheel for search on the CR100 in the mid 2000s wasn't a lot of fun 🙂 ), but the level of functionality back then was much less as well so the apps when they first appeared on the scene did the job very well. I don't think anybody would argue that there should be no change, but I'd certainly echo the sentiments here that the latest version of the app seems to have been designed by developers for developers. I won't waste your time by relisting the areas where the interface is poor (a great many people have done so already, but if you want detail from me I'm happy to oblige, I founded and owned a software development company for 20 years and know what good effective interface design looks like ) but I was reminded again of how bad Sonos was on the weekend. We had dinner with friends who have a similar love of music and for 10 years almost every time we get together we pass a controller around the group after dinner to select a song according to an agreed theme. That music selection used to happen seamlessly but now, the selection process goes awry more than 50% of the time and the flow of music is destroyed. We all hated the new controller, it simply takes the joy out of what used to be a brilliant system and the source of much fun. You say that there's no point in "me too" posts, but there is, most of the issues raised are the same and are serious impediments to easy use, and Sonos will only listen if there is a sufficient groundswell of support for change.

I'm not throwing my toys out of the cot, but two of my first zones, ZP80s are now shutting down intermittently, I presume it's an age thing and fair enough, they're about 12 years old. But whereas not so long ago it would have been a "no brainer" to replace a faulty unit, now I'll more likely just take the dead zones out of commission (I have 7) and then look elsewhere for a new system when the numbers of dead units start to affect the critical rooms.

Sonos has been a truly great product, and its demise is cause for much sadness, but I guess most companies these days tend to chase the god of sales rather than customer satisfaction. (And to be clear, that's customer satisfaction with the product, I've had cause at various times to sort out issues with the support teams, and they've always been brilliant)

We're on WIFI only now (which is weak where a couple speakers are located, which is why I bought the Boost). The point many people have made is that most of us have enjoyed stable, reliable systems (and were spoiled by Sonos's exceptionally easy installation, fantastic sound quality, and extreme flexibility with the overall system capabilities), and are now suddenly experiencing all these problems caused by THEIR software changes. Morever, they insultingly try to blame us and/or our network, and have us do all the troubleshooting.
I appreciate your feedback, but your 100% defense of Sonos is inexplicable to me, given their products' performance recently.
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If you don't like the new iOS app (and I tend to agree with you on the iPhone version), go to the app store and install SonoPhone (or SonoPad for iPad). A much easier UI to use IMHO.
I'm on a Android OS - Samsung Galaxy S7, but your tip may useful for others. Thanks
It's so bad. From the iPhone app it used to take 3 taps to play something from my iPhone. i just counted. it now takes 8 taps. if i select for example two artists and 30 songs, the "randomizer" will play 10 songs in a from one, then 1 from the other then 5, from the first, then 10 from the second. just awful. add to this the quirk of skipping to the next song after 30 second. SONOS has actually ruined party playlists because of quirks. just awful
it's frustrating to set up, but when it works, it's good.
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Thanks for sharing.