New router - Sonos still not working

Just got a new BT Homehub3 (update from Homehub 2) as have been having problems with losing wireless especially on my sonos and apple tv. Everything has connected OK except Sonos - its saying "cannot connect to //imac/music because the server cannot be found" Beginning to suspect I have a faulty Sonos - it never works from 1 week to the next.

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Hi Pete, I recommend performing a power cycle. Shut down all of these devices, then power them back on in the following order: 1st Modem 2nd Router 3rd Wired Sonos devices 4th Wireless Sonos devices 5th Sonos Controllers 6th Network-Attached Storage (if you have one) 7th Additional network products Wait for the component to start completely before proceeding to the next on the list. This will allow your router to properly allocate a valid IP-address to each device and refresh the DNS, which should return your system to full functionality. Keep me posted on your progress.
Thanks Gunnar. I managed to get it going by doing something similar to what you listed. I had to wait whilst it reloaded my music library but now it plays my music at first request. Hopefully the new Homehub will work more seamlessly than the old Hub 2 - it appears to be better with Apple TV. Pete
Hi Pete, Thanks for the update. I'm happy to hear that the system is up and running.


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