New Play 5 unresponsive after update.

  • 20 June 2013
  • 1 reply

I bought a new Play 5 yesterday. I plugged it in, and it connected to the controller fine. I updated the system and noticed it wasn't showing up anymore. When I went to the Play 5, I noticed that the light was off on the unit, and pressing the mute or volume buttons had no effect. I tried power cycling to no avail. It would come on, white light for about 5 seconds, and then no light. Buttons did nothing. I unplugged it overnight, and when I tried it again in the morning it came on, I was able to associate it with the controller again, and updated it successfully. When I came home from work today, the new component was missing from the controller again, and pushing buttons and power cycling had no effect again.

1 reply

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Hello Sonos Customer, I noticed that my colleague Mike is currently assisting you (reference number 130619-001187). If it's alright with you I'll close this post to centralize the channel of support. Thank you Max


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