New app--Where did my favorites go?

  • 25 October 2017
  • 4 replies

I used to be able to select my favorite stations, podcasts, etc from the Favorites tab. Has that gone away or am I just not looking hard enough?
Using the app on my Android phone, hanging on to the older desktop version as long as I can.

PS the white backgrounds are NOT an improvement.

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4 replies

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It won't be buried once they make the task bar at bottom show from Now Playing screen (which is a problem with the current interface when it comes to navigation)
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desktop is the old interface. The new My Sonos is actually much more customizable and useful. It has more options then the old favorites as far as adding folders from your favorite music sources etc.
Really Sonos!!! Why is it it called Sonos Favorites on the desktop app and My Sonos on the mobile app? I don't mind the mobile device focus, but it is really buried. The point of having favorites is to have easy access (one click away) to music I prefer - not to have to spend time figuring out what is what. a friend of mine and myself spent a good 15-20 minutes trying to figure this out, and we are professional A/V installers.
Ha--found it seconds after posting--now it's under My Sonos+My Stations...Why complicate this?