New app version 8 drains battery on iOS

  • 15 October 2017
  • 5 replies

Since upgrading to the newest version 8 of the sonos controller app, I see severe battery usage in standby on my iPhone 5s. The stats on iOS 11.0.2 tell me that within the last 3 days the app was running just 6 minutes in foreground and 13 hrs background, still it managed to account for 70% of my battery consumption.
I did not have this issue with previous versions of the app.
Am I the only one who is seeing this?

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5 replies

I’ve noticed the battery draining on my iPod. I’ve been in touch with Apple who have run diagnostics and can’t see anything wrong with my battery but they had noticed battery issues with the iOS 11 update but only on the iPhone. When I play music through the music app the battery does not drain but as soon as I use Sonos it’s dips drastically. Had not noticed any problems before the sonos app was updated, very disappointing.
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Interestingly I was just wondering why I got much shorter than usual battery life on my iPad yesterday. I read your post and the light went on. Yesterday I was using the iPad to control Sonos music playback for much of the day. Normally I use an Android tablet. So it would appear I have also experienced the problem. I haven’t noticed that kind of battery drain on the Android tablet. This is all in hindsight, so I’ll be doing some detailed testing in the next few days to determine whether my hunch is correct.
Having similar problems on my 5C. Also have problems starting the APP. Stays on startup screen until a button is pressed
Having the same problem with the Sony Xperia sonos app is sucking the life out of the battery, love the sonos product but this sudden large battery drain is frustrating, Mr sonos please fix it.
In the mean time I have to delete the app.
Don’t delete it. Just kill it when you’re done.