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Having been a Sonos user for the past 8+ years this is the biggest backward step the app/interface has ever received. Sonos had a unique selling point of its easy to use, simple, elegant interface, this I feel has been completely lost in the new app.

Using the app is now a clunky experience that no longer feels intuitive and relies on guessing which room you’re controlling when searching for music.

Do us all a favour Sonos, go back to the old way the rooms/devices were managed!

Don’t get me wrong, change is usually good and we like the continued maintenance/upgrades and development. But you need to listen to customer feedback on this one.

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So true! Thanks for speaking out.
yeah I agree too the old app made sense the new design is not as intuitive and now the upgrade from yesterday has lost a room and my playbase and I can't get it working again
AGREED!!! Almost every iteration just gets worse. Come on guys please start listening to your customers.
I have an additional "gripe" if you will. Can you please stop removing functions every time there's an app update? I start listening to music and then have to put everything on hold for a few minutes while my app and system update. Come on there has to be a better way.

Also can we PLEASE get audio controls on our room page? Quick access to SUB, Surround and EQ settings??? PLEASE!!!
Why are these setting buried a few layers deep? Or at least user presets? Now that would be even better.
I listen to music and I like my sub pumpin' but when I watch TV or movies it's way too much and I can't understand the dialogue. So I have to dive like 3 or 4 layers deep into the app just to adjust those. Why is this still a problem? And how does this not make enough sense to you guys to change it?

Sorry I hijacked your post kingjonesy
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I've been a Sonos user since 2008 and have been recommending the system to everyone all these years. Following the latest update I feel so embarrassed about it, that I can no longer recommend the system. A colleague at work was about to buy the system but I put them off when I told them about this terrible update. It's so bad that I find the original CR100 easier to use. Why do you keep changing the interface and making it harder to use?

It would have been much better if you focused on much needed functionality liked grouped alarms and an ability to search contributing artists. I've been wanting an ability to find tracks by artists on compilations ever since I bought the system. We also need an ability to shuffle really large playlists without needing to load the entire playlist into the queue, which is really slow. In the Google Play app, if I shuffle my 'Thumbs Up' playlist consisting of over 4,000 tracks, the music starts playing instantly. In the Sonos app it's really slow and only 1000 tracks are loaded into the queue.

Please go back to the previous version of the app!!!
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It would feel more logical if the rooms tab was the first option. You used to say "pick a room, pick the music and play". It makes much more sense to put the room selection first !!!
Yes, it's terrible. I would love to hear an explanation for this.


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