New Album View design is a step backwards

  • 31 October 2017
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I loved the new Sonos mApp once it got introduced several weeks ago. But then it received an update, which introduced new design of the Album View. When I go to TIDAL > Albums > select particular album, instead of seeing a single album art header, Play/Shuffle buttons and a list of songs, I see big rectangular tiles of all songs. From UX/UI design and usability stand point it is a huge step backwards. Here are the issuse that I see:

1. Why do I have to see album art cover on each song several times, sometimes even more than ten times??
2. Where do I have to click to Play All from the beginning??
3. Where do I have to click to Shuffle All songs from the album??
4. If I want to play song #7, how do I know which one is it?? If I scroll down the tiles I can get easily lost looking for number 7!

All this looks more like a bug, rather than a well designed and usable screen. What is more, if I pin an album to Favorites and then access it from there... I will get the old good List View instead of this new terrible tiles, so it means the design is even inconsistent across all the app. See the screenshots attached.

Sonos Team, please revert back to the previous very functional design of Album View. Thank you!

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2 replies

One more question related to the above: I go to TIDAL > My Music > Playlists > Favorite Playlist > choose particular playlist. Where do I press to play all songs in shuffle mode? The feature is gone, nowhere to be found. Not even in the hamburger menu.

Bring back the previous List View design!!
Dear Sonos Team, thank you for fixing it with the latest release... Well, partially. Now the album view in TIDAL is just a list of tracks, while originally it did have an album cover art displayed on top - the as if you open album from the Home / Favorites screen or from "View All Songs on Album" screen. See the screenshots for reference. Can you get back to that most usable and beautiful and consistent with all the rest of the places in the app design? Thanks!