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  • 20 October 2017
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Dear Sonos.

Please fix the new UI. I know you hear this a lot and it seems that there are more than a few people that aren’t happy. So here are the specific issues I would suggest you look into.

1. Stop creating more layers. An update should make the users experience more enjoyable and not add extra steps to complete simple tasks. An example would be the tool bar at the bottom. Since this new tool bar is the command Centre in the app why isn’t it accessible on every page at all times?
2. The favorites page. Are you deciding what my most common favorites are or is it just the first on the list? You could have at least gone to the trouble of making this page populate with the ones I use most. That might make some sense. Please stop adding layers and layers of steps for the users to access their music. And why did you leave half the screen blank? You have room there for at least 4 favorites at the current scale or reduce them by half and add 6-8 to the page. A new UI should simplify not complicate the experience.
3.if you aren’t going to fix favorites then just let me set the “see all” view as the default. You took control away from the user. Give it back.
4. PLEASE Put the EQ in the tool bar. Let us adjust the EQ without having to make 5-8 gestures.

Thank you for your consideration and response.

The Faithful Sonos Users

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8 replies

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Agree on all fronts. The new IU is really bad
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Couldn't agree more!.
Ditto here.
I know Sonos takes a lot of internal pride on the 'sonos experience' - but this release was too much and not well enough thought out.
1) Don't dismiss all of this negative feedback as people struggling with change - there are some real usability issues here
2) The bread and butter of sonos is "Play my favorite X on device Y". I can do it, but it isn't at all intuitive
3) As stated above, picking from your favorites is a terrible UI - you can sort categories but not entries. The logs are WAY too bug.
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Agreed the new UI is appalling
I agree with everyone’s comments here. After 9 days I would have expected a reply from Sonos. The old UI was simple and very intuitive. The new UI is the exact opposite! I’m a techy so I can get thru the app but there is an uprising among the other members of my family... HELP US SONOS TEAM!!!
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Like the EQ in the toolbar suggestion. 😳
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In complete agreement. Please kill the new app, I don't think it can be salvaged. Just roll the thing back and don't fix it if it isn't broken.
The previous UI was intuitive, quick EZ to control. The latest one (introduced in fall of 2017) is annoying and inconvenient. It is especially hard to control which zones you want on and off, and even after over months of daily use we still find ourselves in loops of going back and forth to the wrong screen to try and figure out how to achieve this. Much like the introduction of new Coke, this new structure to the UI is the *answer to the question that nobody asked*, and the head 'architect' behind this upgrade should be removed from his/her position.