Music is restarted

  • 7 February 2018
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Very very annoying!

After music has been paused, music from the current playlist is started again after 1h and then again after 5h. This happened to me tonight, forcing me to get up twice to stop the music.

This has not ever been an issue before and I see this as an effect of the recent 'update', please fix or I have to unplug my speakers before going to bed.

8 replies

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Hi, Zucca. I'm glad you posted about this, what a strange issue. Following an occurrence of this, could you please submit a diagnostic and respond with the confirmation number. This way we can identify the cause for you. Also, strange question, what devices have you got? Do you have any pets that might fit on top of them? Our cat went through a phase of resuming playback on the living room PLAY:5...
Hi Edward,

Thanks for your answer.
I submitted a diagnostics report with the number 846414. The players that I use mostly are two paired Sonos Ones and a Play 5, combined as a group. Since these are the players used yesterday this is the group where music was paused and where music has started playing by itself.

No cat or other likely mechanical interference in the house.

As I got home from work now, music was on again despite being paused when I left for work.
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I'm afraid that diagnostic is missing a digit, Zucca. I'm sorry about that. Can we please have another one?
Hi Edward,

How odd, I copied the number and pasted it. I now sent in a new one with the number 846858.
I am pretty sure the diagnostics out of the Sonos app have 7 digits. You're posting 6, which is why Edward R is confused.

Are you sure that you're submitting a system diagnostic from the Sonos app?
How is this happening...
I checked the number twice and I could have swore it had seven digits as I sent the post... You are right though. The last post is missing a last digit that should be 7. The number is thus 8468587.

Thanks for your patience!
Laugh. Happens to the best of them (I'm not the best by a long shot, but I've heard it said before). I think it will be a few hours before the first of the board folks will be awake and monitoring, but my understanding is that twitter support is 24/7. Or you might call in to your local phone group: call Sonos.

Good luck!
Cause of issue determined.
I have a Chromecast Audio plugged into my Play 5. I noticed after a while that every time the music had restarted out of nowhere and I went into the Sonos app, the line-in view was showing indicating that music was now playing from the Chromecast. Opening the Google Home app I could then see that the Chromecast was streaming from Spotify to the Play 5. I have stopped this music stream from the Google Home app and the Sonos system has worked as intended since.

I must therefore apologise, the problem was apparently never on Sonos side but rather with the Chromecast where the Chromecast for some reason kept restarting music output to the Sonos system after a period of time after it had been overrided by the Sonos itself.

Or, Chromecast never stopped playing and the Sonos system managed to hold the line-in port data at bay while the Sonos system itself was playing, kept this line-in block active for a set time time after music has been paused on the Sonos and then after about an hour let the Chromecast music through.